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Ceramic burner Hand of Shaman

Ceramic incense burner. The hand is an ancient symbol of healing and protection known in many cultures. It perfectly complements the ritual of smudging, practiced to cleanse the space from negative energy.
The stand is handmade by a local artist. Produced according to our design, exclusively for Purnama.

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Ceramic incense burner Hand of Shaman

Why is our ceramic incense burner hand-shaped? The hand is an ancient symbol of protection known in many cultures. The Shaman’s Hand is also called the Healing Hand because it is said to help keep us both mentally and physically healthy. The hand of Shaman onnects the hand to the spiral, creating a powerful symbol of healing and protection. The spiral comes from the Indian tradition and symbolizes the eternity and paths of our existence on earth. The hand of Shaman is believed to have the power to heal, protect and renew mind, body and spirit. The hand is the most commonly symbolized part of the human body. According to Aristotle, the hand is the “tool of tools.” It generally represents strength, power and protection. As a symbol, it perfectly complements the ritual of smudging, known as energy cleansing.

Our Ceramic incense burner Hand of Shaman is handmade. Perfect for Palo Santo and other natural incense. Cleanse your space from negative energy and then put the incense on the ceramic hand to burn. Each hand is made of the highest quality natural materials: clay, glaze and oxide. The clay is then formed, dried, and fired in an oven at a very high temperature. Ceramic hands are made by a local artist with whom we cooperate.

Although our ceramic base is designed to burn incense, it can be used in many different ways. The ceramics can be washed in the dishwasher.

What is a smudging ritual?

Smudging is a mindfulness practice that increases awareness and spirituality. It enhances concentration, harmony and balances the energy that surrounds us. The cleansing ritual can also be performed when we want to free ourselves from unfavorable situations or emotions that currently accompany us. Carrying out such a ritual can become a sign for us that a given stage (for example worrying or uncertainty) is behind us and it is time to move on. Smudging, or cleansing, our space with dried plants affects not only the space itself, but also directly us, cleansing our aura.

In many indigenous cultures, plants are more than just living organisms and are considered to have a soul. Thus, burning the dried bundles of plants was a way to connect with the spiritual sphere and establish contact with the spirit of nature, which is then asked to lend its protective energy, in accordance with the intention of the practitioner.

Find out more about smudging here.


Minimalistic. Handmade. Artisanal.




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