Purnama: get to know our values.


We appreciate the greatness of the wisdom of ancient and indigenous cultures and adapt to our everyday lives those that we find of value. At the same time, we maintain a great amount of respect for these cultures and do not try to pretend to be part of them. Why then do we allow ourselves to extract these foreign elements from the indigenous cultures and apply them out of context? Often because we see their universal wisdom that touches the core of all human beings, regardless of our origin or the times in which we live. There are universal ways of returning to the desired level of balance and connection. We work closely with plants as they direct us to explore the power of intention and bring us closer to our inner selves, through deepening the connection with nature itself. 
We are here to share with you the ancient rituals for modern minds.


Shaped by various philosophies, research, and our own experiences, we bring to life mindful offerings, spiritual content and aspire to cultivate growth-centered rituals. We believe simple rituals can create sacred experiences. We strive to cultivate a more connected and soul-centered way of life through mindfulness, self-growth and continuous practice.


Through our senses we are able to create space for meeting ourselves, our needs, longings & desires. We find that space through the sense of smell, which is why we specialize in aromatherapeutic, fragrant, plant-based incense. Burning these medicinal herbs before meditation or in a personal ceremony is a powerful practice we want to share with others, as the power of self-care rituals can be transforming.


Our beloved mantra describes the eternal nature and complete state of the universe. The ideas of completeness, enoughness, trust in nature, its wisdom and power are incredibly close to our hearts. We strive to create a place full of appreciation, respect and connection to nature – not only by accessing it through the use of plants, but also finding it deep within each of us.


Our incense is all natural & contains no additional ingredients. The herbs come from natural habitats & are collected by hand in a way that does not violate their natural environment. We strive to bring you the absolute best quality products, sourced mindfully & ethically. All new products we continue to offer are carefully researched with these values in mind (and heart).


We only use natural and planet-friendly materials. What you find on our products, inside and on our boxes is an eco-friendly paper made with agro-industrial waste. To create our product labels, thank you cards, and box stickers we use an eco-friendly paper, which is made by replacing up to 15% of virgin tree pulp with the process residues of organic corn, which is how the colour is achieved. Our paper is FSC certified, GMO free, compostable, recyclable, biodegradable, contains 40% post-consumer recycled waste and is produced with EKOenergy, resulting in a 20% reduction in carbon footprint. Our shipping boxes are FSC certified and are 70% recycled, while the packages are filled with paper – eco-friendly, recyclable, made of pure, natural paper fibers. We are proudly plastic-free!


What we wish to do through our products is to share these rich traditions, cultures and rituals with our community, thus creating a space full of love, understanding, inspiration and growth. Purnama is a means for celebrating self-growth rituals and human connection – not only to yourself, but also others. 


The concept of Ahimsa is one we hold close and live by. Ahmisa is a Sanskrit word meaning “non-violence” and one of yoga’s ethical principles. In a broader sense, Ahimsa means “universal love and compassion”. The practice of Ahimsa involves refraining from causing physical or psychological pain to any living being. It is being non-violent in thought and action, in body and soul. The ahimsa-based practices of slowing down & taking a moment, looking ahead, being compassionate, and choosing well move us closer to a more fulfilling, stress-free life.