Mindful Christmas gift guide.

Small gifts that mean a lot.

Finding the best gift is all about finding a balance between caring about the other person, understanding their needs and — let’s not forget — the budget we have.

We came up with a few gift ideas from PURNAMA that will ground, soothe and relax your close ones. Or yourself!

See our mindful gift guide:

Palo Santo sticks

perfect gift for all your friends — everyone loves the characteristic scent of this aromatic wood.

palo santo belongs to the citrus family and has sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon. When the unique scent of Palo Santo stimulates the brain, the body relaxes, blood circulation increases, and we experience a feeling of mental clarity, peace and positive emotions. It’s a perfect idea for a mindful gift.

Smokeless Japanese incense sticks in 5 scents you can choose from.

delicate, smokeless, for anyone who doesn’t like heavy, strong-scented intense.

Available scents:

✓ Deep Rest (cinnamon and spices)
✓ Sweet Softness (sweet vanilla and flowers)
✓ Restoring Essence (relaxing blend of herbs)
✓ Balanced Spirit (chrysanthemum, moss, geranium)
✓ Grounding Presence (cherry blossom, sandalwood)
✓ Power of Incense set containing all the above fragrances

masażer kansa w pudełku produktowym
Ayurvedic Kansa face massager

for yourself, for your mom, for a friend — a mindful, relaxing massage will relax the facial muscles and reduce wrinkles.

The Kansa Wand is an Ayurvedic facial massager designed to stimulate blood circulation that precedes the jade roller and gua sha. Kansa is used to soothe inflammation, deeply calm and detoxify the skin, release tension and soothe fine lines. Packed in a box perfect for a gift.

kadzidła stożki
Cinnamon or Vanilla incense cones

for anyone who loves warm, spicy, christmas-like scents in their home.

Cinnamon cone incense
Strengthen creativity, feel comfort and deep relaxation with the relaxing, soothing and spicy scent of cinnamon and spices.

Vanilla Cone Incense
Reduce stress and anxiety with the calming scent of fresh vanilla and warming spices.

MARS salt lamp

for anyone who appreciates soft, relaxing & calming light — our MARS lamps are also loved by children.

Round salt lamp made of pink Himalayan salt, ready to use, with electric cord and bulb.

10 reasons why you should have a salt lamp:

✓ they cleanse the air
✓ support sleep hygiene
✓ have a positive effect on breathing
✓ increase the level of positive energy
✓ reduce stress and support relaxation
✓ create an unusual atmosphere in the home
✓ support good mood and concentration
✓ they are an environmentally friendly source of light
✓ neutralize electromagnetic radiation

handmade, ceramic incense burner

for those who like incense, candles and fragrances, a heat-resistant handmade ceramic holder.

Ceramic incense holder. Perfect for Palo Santo and other natural incense.

Ayurvedic, handmade yoga mat

for a yogi who appreciates hand-made products, their origin and the story behind them.

PURNAMA yoga mats are woven from organic cotton and dyed according to the ancient Ayurvedic fabric dyeing method. The product is made entirely by hand and in harmony with nature, creating an alternative to mass-produced mats and from environmentally harmful materials. Each mat is unique and made with the intention and respect for the rich weaving traditions of India. Ayurvedic herbs, with which our mats are colored, add a different dimension to everyday yoga practice. They have a relaxing and grounding effect, bringing more awareness to every movement.