How to apologize? Get to know 4 ways to apologize the right way.

A sincere apology can bring relief not only to the person you are apologizing to, but to you, too, especially if you feel guilty for your actions. An apology alone doesn’t take away the pain or make it okay, but it does show that you know your actions or words weren’t right.

Interestingly, research suggests that some of the main reasons we don’t apologize are:

✢ we don’t care about the other person enough

✢ we feel that an apology jeopardizes our self-image

✢ we believe that the apology will have no positive effect anyway.

What about you? Can you admit to your mistake and apologize?

Here’s how to sincerely apologize for your behaviour:

♥ without a ‘but’ 

♥ acknowledging your mistake

♥ with responsibility

♥ specifically (for what you’re apologizing)

Knowing how to apologize brings you a step closer to being aware of yourself, your actions and how they affect & impact others.